Release Date: May 2024

Release Notes: May 17

Release highlights in this article

New Features

Online Ordering

  • The address-lookup functionality better avoids guest errors that lead to improper deliveries.
  • The AI cross-sell feature gives more weight to an item’s most-sold count.
  • When clients have been rate-limited by Revel, the integration informs them by sending an email every 24 hours while it’s occurring.
  • Menu tags are able to be copied when POS systems are synced.
  • The DoorDash integration considers the alcohol addendum and client requirements before enabling delivery.

Updates & Fixes


  • An email with invalid template resolution parameters now generates an error message, preventing a campaign from ultimately failing.


  • Clients using the mParticle CDP integration see a wallet array that’s the same as @FLAT_WALLETS_INFO@, but “Paytronix” is now included. This provides clarity regarding the source of the information.
  • External notification integrations with a CDP, such as mParticle and Segment, have additional parameters that include the following:
    • Username
    • Date of Birth – Formatted as YYYY-MM-DD or MM-DD, depending on program setup
    • Custom Question 1
    • Custom Question 2
    • Custom Question 3
    • Custom Question 4
    • Custom Question 5
    • Custom Question 6
    • Guest Address Line 1
    • Guest Address Line 2
    • Guest City
    • Guest Postal Code
    • Guest Phone – With country code added and no spaces or dashes; for example: 16176493300
    • Mobile Phone – With country code added and no spaces or dashes; for example: 16176493300
    • Perk Code
    • Perk Label
    • Check Number

Online Ordering

  • When the order time of a ticket is changed to an hour later, the kitchen no longer receives notice at both times.
  • The DoorDash message “active store onboarding is in progress” no longer produces stagnation.
  • The PDI integration provides better support when the item-specific data for a PDI discount is missing.
  • The Revel integration now sends the full address when the customer enters an incorrect postal code.
  • The Square integration no longer declines credit cards because of the Square token.
  • The Cake integration no longer allows rewards to be redeemed when they exceed the subtotal.
  • The Brink POS integration has been adjusted to account for fees and discounts being included in subtotals.
  • The Radiant integration now pulls the correct amount when discounting the unit price using a coupon.


  • Several issues related to the display of reward names and summaries in the Online Ordering flow of the branded app have been resolved for clear reward descriptions.
  • The branded app’s code and third-party SDKs comply with Apple’s new API usage-disclosure requirements, ensuring accurate declarations in the privacy manifest and alignment with Apple’s privacy standards.