Release Date: January 2021

Release Notes: December 6, 2020 – January 9, 2021

Release highlights in this article

New Features

You can now prioritize which product discounts customers receive when multiple rewards could apply to the same item on a check.

The native Order & Delivery branded app flow enables automatic discounts to be applied for customers who are buying more than one of the same item.

Guests are now able to view tailored subcategory groups in the native Order & Delivery branded app flow. This makes it easier for your customers to find exciting menu items.



Over the years, many users have built amazing things with the Campaign Tool. But as technology has advanced, the Campaign Builder has been developed into a more robust product, and the Campaign Tool has now been decommissioned.

An enhancement to the native mobile Olo flow enables guests to easily select nested modifiers.

Front-end changes have been made to improve the handling of “combo only” menu items in the native mobile Order & Delivery flow.

An enhancement ensures that all modifiers in the native mobile Order & Delivery ordering flow are properly sent to Aloha.



An issue involving a Google Analytics tag on the guest website has been resolved.

A bug that caused intermittent hiding of the expiration field in Campaign Builder has been fixed.