Release Date: February 2024

Release Notes: February 2

Release highlights in this article

New Features


  • The “Instant Payments” feature allows customers to register their credit card and pay directly from the app.

Online Ordering

  • Clearer messaging lets guests know when they need to choose only one modifier.
  • The visualizations for Order Flow statuses have been upgraded.
  • Improved error messages allow customers to resolve issues when setting up Paytronix Payments.
  • The Order Flow dashboard enables filtering by date.
  • The Revel integration properly syncs delivery hours.

Updates & Fixes

Online Ordering

  • The DoorDash integration now correctly handles the special hours that an item could be available on the platform.
  • The name of an option group in a menu can no longer be left blank.
  • An issue causing the option group to be overwritten upon menu sync has been resolved.
  • The Dahlia template in Order Experience Builder now processes tips correctly.
  • An issue in Online Ordering causing a location’s store hours to be overwritten has been resolved.
  • Menu modifiers are now pushed to Uber Eats more effectively.
  • An issue in the Revel integration causing the hours to be off by one day has been resolved.
  • The SSO capabilities of the Online Ordering platform now have enhanced error handling.
  • The Uber Eats integration accepts images when a subset menu is enabled.
  • Delivery status updates are now displayed correctly.
  • The “Extra Prep Time” logic better accommodates large-quantity orders.