Release Date: September 2023

Release Notes: September 29

Release highlights in this article

Updates & Fixes

  • Support has been added for e-gift sales in the Republic of Ireland.
  • The Online Ordering integration to PDI now allows for ignoring the inventory quantity on select items.
  • A number of improvements were made to the recommendation engine, helping clients achieve more success with upsells.
  • The Online Ordering submenu editor now shows the “Publish” option only when changes have been made, so the absence of it indicates nothing being new.
  • Clients using the Online Ordering catalog now have self-service access to make changes.
  • The Online Ordering form prevents registration for loyalty by guests under the age of 13.
  • The Online Ordering tablet application now includes the DoorDash Drive “Order ID” on printed receipts.
  • Any issues with the upload file in Online Ordering now result in an error message being displayed at the top of the page, thereby removing the need to scroll.
  • The Enterprise Settings Manager in Online Ordering now supports settings for the Revel point-of-sale integration.
  • The feature flag to access receiving orders in Enterprise Settings Manager has been removed for all point-of-sale integrations that have supported settings.
  • Order Experience Builder’s form logic no longer requires clicking into each field if the required ones have been auto-filled for a guest.
  • Many of the prebuilt experiences in Order Experience Builder now make it easier for the guest to order.
  • Guests joining a group order in Order Experience Builder no longer see selections that are controlled by the creator of the group order, such as order time and type.
  • The Orchid prebuilt experience no longer immediately closes the cart dropdown when an item is removed.
  • The prebuilt experiences in Order Experience Builder now enable clients to add their own custom CSS.
  • The location-finder search box for Order Experience Builder now lets guests search by city name or postal code.
  • The Toast point-of-sale integration for Online Ordering now uses order numbers assigned by Toast rather than those generated by Paytronix.
  • The Revel point-of-sale integration for Online Ordering now enables mapping of fees that aren’t assigned an alias in Revel.
  • The Revel point-of-sale integration for Online Ordering now allows existing merchant credentials to be used for setting up an individual store, as generating new ones isn’t necessary.
  • Marketplace Management now bundles all taxes into a single amount because having multiple taxes was causing issues.
  • The Marketplace Management integration to DoorDash now pushes all images in a new format that facilitates faster review on the DoorDash side.
  • The admin portal for Online Ordering now lets clients determine whether or not default modifiers are sent to the point of sale and whether or not guests can see defaults in the menu.
  • Order Experience Builder now automatically saves changes when publishing an experience if that hadn’t been done previously.
  • The “Order History” page in Online Ordering now reflects the proper currency set for the store.
  • The Brink point-of-sale integration for Online Ordering automatically marks items as being back in stock the day after “Back in Stock Tomorrow” has been selected in the admin portal.
  • When an error message is generated by DoorDash Drive, it gets passed along to the guest so any issues with the delivery address can be corrected.
  • If DoorDash Drive isn’t available for a given location, that option doesn’t appear in Online Ordering.
  • Menu items that have been marked as secret in Online Ordering are excluded from being published to third-party marketplaces.