Release Date: January 2023

Release Notes: January 20

Release highlights in this article

New Features

  • Two new Refer-a-Friend dashboards are available in the Analytics Tool. Total referrals completed, rewards earned, and top referrers can all be viewed in one spot.
  • The order-receiving application has additional logging that appears in a new report for easier remote troubleshooting of store-level tablet issues.

Updates & Fixes

  • Settings previously only configurable locally on devices running the order-receiving application are now configurable in the client admin portal, and they can be locked to prevent store-level users from overriding/changing them.
  • Device codes that are used to connect order-fulfillment tablets to Online Ordering for the proper sites can now be exported in bulk by predefined store groups.
  • The NCR BSP Online Ordering integration now takes into account distinct downstream point-of-sale environment issues when determining whether retrying the same transaction has a better chance of success than creating an entirely new order.
  • The NCR BSP Online Ordering integration now allows connecting to European BSP servers at initial setup, rather than only those based in the United States.
  • The error message received from the Grubhub marketplace when a store is not yet enabled for integration to Online Ordering now indicates that action is needed from Grubhub to complete the process.
  • The new menu-syncing logic for the Revel point of sale ensures that all items are properly pulled into Online Ordering.
  • Split payment of injected online orders is now supported at the Revel point of sale and by default on the Online Ordering platform for all clients using the barcode-mapped integration.
  • Online Ordering roles can now be defined for a given user in the same place where user permissions are set for all other areas of the client portal.
  • Individual users can now manage Online Ordering alerts and notifications on the user profile page.
  • Self-service onboarding for third-party delivery of online orders placed through Paytronix is now easier for Canadian clients.
  • The Enterprise Menu Management section of Online Ordering now features a filter for viewing only stores with a given menu assignment.
  • Order Experience Builder no longer has a homepage, as the functionality was largely duplicative of the locations page and detracted from the guest experience.
  • Guests attempting to place an online order by creating an account with an existing username now receive an error message that better conveys the issue.
  • A change to the curbside order type in Online Ordering now flows through to the checkout page and to the email that the guest receives for a completed order. 
  • The “Clear and Resync” button on the menu-sync editor in Online Ordering now prompts an additional confirmation step to prevent accidentally clearing a menu.
  • New messaging indicates when an order was canceled by a third-party marketplace provider.
  • Additional messaging better conveys when a menu push from Online Ordering to the Grubhub marketplace failed because the site isn’t fully enabled within Grubhub.
  • Stock information is now being synced from the Xenial point of sale when menu synchronization is enabled in Online Ordering.