Release Date: November 2020

Release Notes: October 25 - November 7, 2020

Release highlights in this article

New Features

Rule-based campaigns can now be created in Campaign Builder, providing you with another way to focus and customize your program.

New segmentation and reporting can be done based on the ordering method of guests. This allows for differentiation between online orders placed via the native Android and iOS apps.

New enhancements to the branded app include:

  • Guests are able to save their favorite order in the native Order & Delivery flow so it can be quickly accessed for a future order.
  • You can now provide custom curbside-pickup instructions for your guests in the native Olo ordering flow.
    Curbside _Custom Instructions


An update to Campaign Builder enables you to set pull notifications to expire on the same day they are published.

The Aloha POS integration has been enhanced to better support dependent modifiers.

The NCR Radiant integration better supports advance orders by allowing them to be held in the queue and then sent to the store closer to when they’re due. This option will send an order according to its lead time and due time.

The Brink POS integration has been enhanced so menu syncing automatically includes the ingredients for a particular item.

We’ve updated the error message that appears when an order is placed for a quantity above what is on hand. Guests looking for that menu item are told how many are currently available.

We’ve updated the error message that appears when an order can’t be fulfilled on the day intended. If an “ASAP” order spills over into the next day and the store will be closed, guests are informed that the order will be placed on a later date when the store is open again.

Mobile passes have been updated to automatically refresh when rewards are added as the result of a campaign. Both Android and iOS passes will reflect up-to-date account information without a visit to the store.

Updates to the branded app include:

  • In the native Order & Delivery app, the size and price of menu items are now displayed on the “Basket” screen in the “Item Details” section. 
    Item Sizes
  • When guests enter incorrect billing information, such as the wrong ZIP code, they will automatically be directed to the “Card Details” screen to provide the correct information. This update is available in both the native Order & Delivery flow and the native Olo flow of the branded app.
  • An enhancement to the “Recommended for you” functionality in the native Order & Delivery flow makes it easier for guests to choose from a list of frequently ordered menu items.
  • The native Order & Delivery flow now more prominently displays information like store hours so guests can easily find it.


An adjustment to the Koupon Media integration for a WebView enables users to access their camera on their Android device.

Email previews in Campaign Builder now show the most recently approved version of the email.

The processing time for uploading large custom segments in Campaign Builder has been improved.

Different availability windows can be set for takeout and delivery, enabling guests to place delivery orders even if a store isn’t supporting takeout during those times.

POSitouch now prints the guest’s name on the order when it differs from that of the cardholder.