Release Date: August 2023

Release Notes: August 4

Release highlights in this article

New Features

  • The “Upcoming Campaigns” tile on the new merchant homepage provides a summarized view of the week’s past and upcoming campaigns.
  • The “Program Summary” tile provides clients with a summarized view of money flow.
  • Clients are able to self-configure their guest website and enable support for multiple languages, including English, British English, French, Canadian French, Spanish, German, and Italian.
  • The order-receiving tablet application for Online Ordering has American English as the default, but in-store operators can choose their preferred language from the list above.

Updates & Fixes

  • Some Paytronix Payments configuration was added to Enterprise Settings Manager.
  • Settings for order payment, cross-sells, texts, and NCR BSL enable additional functionality in Enterprise Settings Manager.
  • The integration formerly appearing as “Aloha” in Online Ordering has been changed to “NCR BSL” to better reflect the fact that it supports both Aloha and Radiant point-of-sale systems through the NCR BSL interface.
  • All clients have been migrated to a new platform for third-party delivery that allows for self-service onboarding of Uber and also supports delivery through SkipGo.
  • The Online Ordering third-party delivery platform prevents enabling both a delivery partner and a courier integration at the same store.
  • The Online Ordering setting for excluding a tax or fee from marketplace orders now specifically reads “Exclude from Marketplace” to better convey what a “Yes” selection represents.
  • Marketplace management in Online Ordering now publishes category hours to the Uber Eats marketplace.
  • Tagging for alcohol and tobacco can now be done at the category level, ensuring that new items carry the tag automatically when added to a category.
  • The Toast point-of-sale integration for Online Ordering now supports automatically marking items as alcohol via flag syncing.
  • The Online Ordering API now includes more helpful guest messaging when a credit card fails.
  • The PDI integration for Online Ordering allows ignoring stock information when the inventory is null, as a recent release indicates that items don’t always have inventory tracked in PDI.
  • The PDI integration for Online Ordering now supports including the credit card type on submitted orders paid with Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • The order-receiving tablet application for Online Ordering now enables use of the calculated ASAP times a guest sees when placing an order.
  • The order-receiving tablet application for Online Ordering can now be configured to play a persistent alert for new orders until acknowledgment, without enabling the order confirmation flow.
  • The Toast point-of-sale integration for Online Ordering has an enhanced API.
  • Order Experience Builder offers expanded display and customization options.
  • Several issues involving Order Experience Builder and Enterprise Settings Manager have been resolved.
  • Google Pay orders are now properly reported in Aloha.
  • A defect impacting coupon execution has been removed.