Release Date: March 2023

Release Notes: March 3

Release highlights in this article

New Features

  • New Product Alert Just launched is Mobile Experience Builder, a self-service tool that allows clients with a Paytronix Branded or Custom App to control and instantly publish content to the dashboard of their app. Clients can control text, icons, imagery and segment promotional images using a variety of filtering capabilities, such as geolocation, tier, wallet balance, perks, and favorite store. MXB allows clients to engage their guests with promotions and limited-time offers that reflect a unique brand voice. Reach out to your solutions consultant or the support team to get in the queue for an app upgrade.
  • The new client homepage is now supported in English, English UK, French, French CA, Spanish, German, and Italian.
  • The PXS now remembers a user’s five most recently visited pages and displays the sorted list on the homepage.
  • Canada-based clients with Paytronix Payments and Online Ordering now have Order with Google capability.
  • Coupons set up within PDI Enterprise Pricebook can now be auto-imported into Online Ordering as part of the direct integration.

Updates & Fixes

  • The merchant-level devices report in Online Ordering now shows the client-specified store code.
  • The merchant-level devices report in Online Ordering now shows the current time for each.
  • The driver instructions for SkipTheDishes orders are no longer passed to the Brink point of sale, as they’re only important for the driver and not the restaurant staff.
  • The #4 prebuilt experience in Online Ordering no longer displays a blank image when one isn’t provided for an item.
  • The configuration for additional taxes and fees in Online Ordering now allows some of the newer, more complex tax settings to be hidden, helping to streamline the setup of simple taxes.
  • NCR order monitoring now sends messages indicating the site is still online every 15 minutes. To avoid redundancy, Online Ordering alerts are triggered only if the site was previously marked offline.
  • The NCR BSP Online Ordering integration now sends each modifier as a separate line item rather than including multiple quantities on a single line when more than one of the same modifier is ordered by the guest. This helps achieve wider compatibility across more versions of the NCR point of sale.
  • For orders submitted to the NCR through the Online Ordering integration, modifiers have been restored so the correct parent item is linked.