Release Date: August 2021

Release Notes: June 13 – August 6, 2021

Release highlights in this article

New Features

The branded mobile app now supports subscriptions. Guests can subscribe, add/edit payment information, and cancel their subscription at any time via the app.

Marketers have been granted more control of the integration between their gift cards and their loyalty program to manage point accrual. 

A new report shows all payouts for Paytronix payments across multiple locations.  



The Analytics tool has been redesigned. All of the functionality remains the same, but it now has a fresh, new look.

Additional filters have been added to the “Order & Delivery Detail” report in Analytics:

  • A filter based on order-due time enables detailed reporting on future orders for inventory and planning purposes.
  • A filter based on order size lets you look at specific large orders. 

Curbside and pickup orders are now designated as separate order types in order history.

For menu-sync POS integrations, you can mark individual items to not be displayed for handoff providers (Uber Eats, Postmates, etc.).

The Revel O&D integration now has more modern endpoints in the API, allowing menu items to be accurately tied to rewards across locations. 

An infrastructure update affecting future POS integrations enables adjustments to be made without a code change or software release. Improvements to O&D will now happen much more quickly.



Images now render correctly on iPhone 12 devices.