Release Date: October 2022

Release Notes: September 30

Release highlights in this article

New Features

  • A new Program Change Log dashboard allows you to keep track of adjustments made to your program. If this dashboard indicates a change you weren’t aware of, reach out to the support team for more info.
  • Merchants are now able to remove customer PII in a self-service manner as a means of complying with privacy laws. Customers can simply be looked up by email address, but keep in mind that deleting their information from the system is permanent and should be done only if recovery will never be needed.
  • Data sources can now be used to configure which information comes from third-party integrations. Having more granular control lets you do things like syncing images from one integration with prices and menu data from another.
  • Menus can now be exported to Category Manager in order to avoid the duplicate work of setting up categories for loyalty that have already been configured in O&D.


  • The old Grubhub integration has been deprecated for new clients, and the setup checkboxes pertaining to it have been removed so there’s no confusion when turning on a new location for Grubhub.
  • Fraud detection on Paytronix Payments now has increased information tracking to reduce chargebacks and other fraud against the platform.
  • An optional question of “Do you want plasticware, napkins, and straws?” is now supported in Handoff for third-party marketplaces, with the value being passed to the store.
  • As is the case with online ordering, Handoff can now be disabled at the store level for all providers, making it easier to shut off third-party marketplaces during a busy time.
  • Constant Contact has been removed from the system in response to that company no longer supporting the integration.
  • Additional guidance has been added to the Paytronix Payments setup to encourage clients to establish their account as a business rather than an individual. Doing so will prevent future problems regarding taxes and reporting, and the linked setup guide could be consulted for any questions that may arise.
  • Merchant-level coupons can be sent to guests through the “Send a Coupon” function on an order. Only store-level coupons were options previously.
  • Clients using the agency version of Order Experience Builder are now able to copy an existing experience rather than starting from scratch or editing a current experience.
  • The order-receiving application on the tablet now shows the number of orders on the active tab when using order confirmation while on the pending tab, helping ensure that new orders aren’t missed.


  • Warnings have been added to prevent attaching an email with incompatible substitution parameters to a campaign.
  • When users request a password reset, the correct email is now being sent.
  • An issue that caused upload failure for files provided to SVS for gift card reconciliation has been resolved.
  • Holiday hours removed in Order & Delivery are now synced through Handoff and likewise removed from Grubhub.
  • Disabled modifiers are no longer re-enabled upon a menu sync.