Release Date: April 2024

Release Notes: April 12

Release highlights in this article

New Features


  • The Paytronix branded app now supports Olo Pay, enabling users to experience a smoother checkout process through Apple Pay and Google Pay.


  • Merchants requesting changes to content security can be helped by an employee with access to the guest website.

Online Ordering

  • The PDI integration now syncs modifier prices.
  • The PDI integration better supports discounts on combo offers.
  • Order Experience Builder allows for a pop-up notification to convey that the due time for an order has been pushed out.
  • A confirmation page can be added following order submission.
  • Gift card messaging has been enhanced.
  • The Lily template in Order Experience Builder has a more prominent “Continue” button.
  • An admin-facing UI configures virtual categories in Online Ordering.
  • The Toast integration enables an email address to be used as a guest’s identifier.
  • The Toast integration allows additional taxes to be excluded from first-party orders.

Updates & Fixes


  • Clients now have a self-service option for sunsetting subscription programs. The end date for the program must be at least one day in the future, and benefits may continue for up to 30 more days, depending on where a guest is in the subscription cycle.

Online Ordering

  • The Toast integration better accommodates a guest retrying a payment multiple times.
  • The PDI integration provides enhanced support for combos.
  • The organization structure can be automated for DoorDash Drive V2.
  • A bug that prevented Revel sync hours from showing correctly has been removed.
  • The addressing functionality for DoorDash better handles when there’s an “Address2” field.
  • An issue involving submitting an order with Google Pay has been resolved.
  • An emoji can no longer be sent to the marketplaces in lieu of an item’s price.