Release Date: June 2023

Release Notes: June 6

Release highlights in this article

New Features

  • Clients can now look up customers right from the homepage, which enables faster and easier searching.
  • The bottom navigation of the branded mobile app now has a button that lets users quickly start an order or pick up where they left off.
  • Marketplace management in Online Ordering enables syncing menus with the SkipTheDishes integration. Clients receive orders from the SkipTheDishes marketplace and can pass them to in-store fulfillment.
  • The Square point-of-sale integration for Online Ordering is certified and available for syncing menus and submitting completed orders.

Updates & Fixes

  • When store check-in codes aren’t configured, the branded app now displays a corporate check-in code for the user. Additionally, an Android defect that was associating all check-ins with the corporate location has been removed.
  • The “Scan Card” feature in the branded app, which allows credit card details to be automatically imported from the camera of a user’s device, can now be enabled or disabled from all pages that require payment.
  • The “Available Rewards” component in Mobile Experience Builder now shows the user’s points balance as well as rewards expiring soon.
  • In addition to the P97 integration, Mobile Experience Builder now supports at-the-pump and in-store payments with the Zipline integration.
  • An issue that was preventing some users from accessing an administrative page in Online Ordering has been resolved.
  • The DoorDash Drive integration for Online Ordering now allows the type of bicycle to be specified.
  • The Toast point-of-sale integration for Online Ordering now ensures that categories, items, and modifiers in the API are reflected in the synced menu.
  • The Xenial point-of-sale integration for Online Ordering now allows syncing category structure.
  • The menu-tagging UI for Online Ordering streamlines larger menus by better collapsing sections through tags.
  • Online Ordering can now bulk-assign sites to a store group in one step.
  • The Online Ordering coupon that’s auto-generated to pass down promotions from third-party marketplaces is no longer editable, as deleting it would cause orders to fail.
  • Marketplace management in Online Ordering now includes discount and promotion information on orders from Uber Eats for proper accounting of what was paid.
  • If a discount lowers a check’s subtotal to the point at which a tax applies, Online Ordering now processes that tax correctly.
  • The Online Ordering integration now allows special handling of orders to exclude taxes and fees from certain items.
  • When configuring additional taxes, enterprise settings management in Online Ordering now allows the selection of order type.
  • Modifier metadata is now included in the API response for Online Ordering.
  • The NCR BSL Aloha point-of-sale integration for Online Ordering now processes lead-time webhooks in the order they are received.
  • Bankable points balances in Online Ordering are no longer showing on the menu after being enabled and then disabled.
  • The prebuilt experiences in Order Experience Builder have undergone UI improvements to deliver more streamlined and intuitive ordering.