Release Date: September 2020

Release Notes: August 30, 2020 – September 12, 2020

Release highlights in this article

New Features

The branded mobile app now allows guests to edit their order on the basket screen. This enhancement makes for easier editing within the ordering flow.
EDit Basket _GIF

Two new merchant-level reports are available:

  • The UPC Sales Report shows the day’s sales of individual UPC (Universal Product Code) items to help with inventory and sales analysis.
  • The Merchant Order Detail Report shows order details for all orders across all stores.

SVS gift cards are now supported by Paytronix Order & Delivery. Merchants can configure their SVS accounts in the admin portal and enable guests to redeem these gift cards during checkout.

There is a new field to indicate separate gratuities for the delivery driver and the store fulfilling the order. This enables guests to specify how tips should be allocated.



Our JavaScript library has been upgraded so that we can use intuitive and efficient UI components across the PXS.

Your campaign emails now reach guests faster than ever before. Sending throughput for bulk emails has been improved by up to 40%, helping your messages get out to guests ASAP.

Our “order details” pages break down Handoff providers, providing more details about which third-party marketplaces your orders are coming from.

Our Xenial menus sync to better display size options for menu items for viewing by guests.

We’ve improved how we send advance orders for POSitouch clients. Orders placed for future dates will be held until the day the order is due and sent the morning of. This enhances in-store operations by eliminating the need for stores to hold onto orders with future dates.

We’ve made it easier to enable and disable payment methods in the native Order & Delivery flow. The mobile app will pull in payment methods that are configured in the Order & Delivery portal.



An issue involving redemptions not processing for redeem wallets has been fixed in Wallet Manager.

A defect with reward dollar redemption in POSitouch has been fixed.

The branded mobile app now gives guests access to both the “favorite order” and “recent order” screens in the side drawer.

An issue that prevented guests from using rewards to cover the total cost of an order has been fixed in the branded mobile app.

The branded mobile app now lets guests view their coupon payment method on the payment screen. 
Coupon Payment Screen