Release Date: August 2020

Release Notes: August 2, 2020 – August 15, 2020

Release highlights in this article

New Features

Tokenization has been implemented as a means of protecting payment card information during sales and reloading transactions for gift cards. This adds an extra level of security to payment processing and ensures that your guests’ information is secure. Tokenization is now available for Paytronix gift card clients and those with third-party apps that use our payment processing. Contact your TC for details on how you can take advantage of our public API to process, store, and charge tokens instead of credit card data.

Our Toast integration will now sync out-of-stock modifiers with your online ordering. Modifiers that are marked as “out of stock” at a restaurant will automatically receive the same designation on your website. This ensures that your guests have up-to-date information about item availability when placing online orders.

When it comes to third-party delivery orders, guests are told which provider (e.g., DoorDash, Postmates, etc.) will be handling the delivery, making it easier for them to identify the courier. The information is displayed both on the checkout confirmation page and in the confirmation email.

Guests who place curbside pickup orders are now able to provide notification of their arrival. Check-in messages can be sent to the in-store ordering tablet or routed to a dedicated mobile device with SMS capabilities. This new functionality enables guests to let stores know when they have arrived while minimizing disruption to in-store operations.

For clients using Toast POS, curbside pickup information now flows directly from the online interface and will be prominently displayed at the POS, making vehicle identification easier for your in-store-staff.

An enhancement to the check service will now return specific reasons why certain rewards cannot be redeemed at the POS. This information allows for greater transparency with guests.