Release Date: March 2023

Release Notes: March 31

Release highlights in this article

New Features

  • Order Experience Builder now enables hiding, truncating, or fully showing item descriptions within the menu on any prebuilt experience.

Updates & Fixes

  • The option for a more complex password is now available on the branded mobile app. When the relevant logic is enabled, the app will block the use of passwords that have been identified in security breaches. A guest trying to create an account with a known weak password is advised to create a more unique one.
  • Improvements made to the mobile app help prevent reverse engineering by bad actors.
  • Incompatibility between iOS 16.4 and the version of iXGuard in the mobile app has been rectified to ensure that guests with an iPhone 8, 8+, or X can access apps as expected.
  • DoorDash Drive now receives Online Ordering information with each item on a separate line (rather than one line with a quantity), enabling the DoorDash driver to see the total number of items and not just unique items.
  • For quick-service concepts whose food prep typically takes less time than the driver’s travel, Online Ordering for third-party delivery can delay sending an order to the store until after a driver has accepted it.
  • Orders canceled through the DoorDash marketplace now show as “Canceled” on the Online Ordering tablet application.
  • The NCR BSL integration for the Radiant point of sale can optionally exclude taxes when cash is paid for in-store orders.
  • The #1 prebuilt experience in Online Ordering now includes a popup when an item is added to the cart.
  • Online Ordering clients can easily access a preview of their menu on one of the prebuilt experiences prior to picking and publishing a specific design.
  • Additional taxes for Online Ordering can now be configured to apply when an order contains a particular category of items but not another. For example, a sugary beverage tax might apply only when no food is ordered.
  • The Online Ordering tablet application now has the ability to hide the customer’s address if the store doesn’t need to know it because a third party is exclusively being used for delivery.
  • When connecting to Online Ordering with more than 20 locations, the Toast API batches location requests to avoid rate limiting.