Release Date: January 2024

Release Notes: January 19

Release highlights in this article

New Features


  • The store pages in the branded mobile app now give clients the power of customization. Each page can be updated to show a custom image, description, amenities, fuel prices, and buttons that take the user to external webpages. Please request the latest app update to unlock and enjoy this new feature.
  • The branded mobile app now offers a unique integration with Altria. This feature supports both Altria Personalization Plus and Altria Offer Deliverability Application (ODA). Personalization Plus enables guests to receive personalized Tobacco rewards loaded onto their loyalty account while ODA enables convenience stores to offer tobacco coupons to their guests. Some setup work is necessary to get started.

Online Ordering

  • When VLT settings are configured in Toast, prep times factor in order volume so that due times for guests can be pushed out as needed.
  • Order Experience Builder now respects the “Auto-Expand” setting and displays the items accordingly.
  • Order ID with Guest Name can be used for all 3PD orders and providers.
  • The Revel POS ID has been added to the guest receipt email.
  • Order Experience Builder now displays the total price of items that have modifiers with default charges.
  • Orders can now be searched by POS ID in the Online Ordering dashboard.
  • Order Experience Builder better protects against malicious actors.
  • The timing logic for third-party orders placed at opening time has been improved.
  • Order-cutoff hours from Revel have been synced.
  • When a menu change makes a favorite item no longer available, better messaging is sent to affected guests.
  • The marketplace dashboard in Online Ordering now allows customers to select and set up DoorDash.
  • Additional taxes can be excluded from first-party orders so guests aren’t charged twice.
  • Alternatives for out-of-stock items can now be generated by AI.
  • More client-facing capabilities help resolve issues with setting up Paytronix Payments.

Updates & Fixes


  • Clients using the URL of to log into Paytronix are now able to reset their own password instead of needing administrative assistance.


  • The branded app now allows guests in Canada and the UK to search for locations by postal code. Please request an app update for access.
  • A bug that prevented guests from entering and saving account information required on the form has been fixed in the branded app.

Online Ordering

  • An out-of-stock message is no longer generated when an item has an on-hand quantity greater than zero (onhandquantity>0).
  • Improvements have been made to the way pending payments are handled.
  • A bug involving saved cards not loading from the PXS has been fixed.
  • The “Order Info” button is displayed as needed.
  • An Order Experience Builder issue where Google Pay wasn’t filling in the guest information has been resolved.
  • The “Order Confirmation” page now shows the correct quantity of items.
  • When there are multiple items in the order cart, modifications are properly removed.
  • An “Invalid UUID string” error is now handled properly in the Toast integration.
  • A defect that would show a menu item in the “Feature” category has been removed.
  • Improved timing logic in the Revel integration prevents unnecessary order rejections.
  • When acceptable, unlimited modifications are allowed in Revel.
  • Tips are no longer getting lost during order submission.
  • Guests avoid a dead end when accessing the “History” page in Order Experience Builder.
  • The payment total passed to Revel now includes the “DSP Fee” value.
  • The checkout page no longer generates a “Server error occurred” message.
  • A bug involving delivery-fee pricing for Order with Google has been fixed.
  • Improved group-ordering logic yields the correct number of group members at a client location.
  • A bug involving the quantity of items being changed with the spin button has been fixed.
  • No Revel items are duplicated when the resync is run.
  • Improved webhooks with Toast ensure that a consistent sync is maintained.
  • A bug involving the “Combo ID” field not being tied to the menu item has been fixed.
  • Applying rewards and coupons can no longer put an order in the negative.
  • Improved menu-availability logic in the NCR integration prevents erroneous removal of menu items.
  • An error in how the “Lookup” dashboard handles requests has been rectified.
  • The “Location” page in Order Experience Builder now applies the primary color to the takeout check.