Release Date: October 2020

Release Notes: September 27 – October 10, 2020

Release highlights in this article

New Features

Category Manager has been revamped to include a new, user-friendly design. With so many products and promotions, it’s important that merchants are able to create and maintain distinguishable categories. To improve category creation and management, the functionality now includes:

  • Bulk uploading and downloading of categories
  • Bulk uploading and downloading of items in a category
  • Copying existing categories to create new ones
  • Searching across all categories for individual items

Category Manager

The ability to save rows has been added to Email Builder, so you no longer have to re-create new headers and footers for each email. Merchants can now create a row of content, save it, and then insert it into any email. Being able to save rows benefits brand consistency, productivity, and collaboration.

Email Builder

We have integrated Koupon Media into our branded app to add an age-verification process for access to age-restricted offers. Reach out to your TC and Koupon Media to include this in your Android and iOS apps.

Order & Delivery:

Combo menu items are now available in the Order & Delivery mobile ordering flow.

An enhancement to the functionality of menu copying and syncing enables category groups and hierarchies to map over when menus are copied.

Information on category groups can now be retrieved from our API. This allows integrators to re-create a menu with the same organization as the online menu.

Contactless dining is now available for Toast customers. Brands are able to offer a contactless dine-in experience during which guests can both order and pay from their mobile device. Get more information by visiting /platform/contactless-dining.aspx.



Guests can now select the “Curbside” option in the native Order & Delivery mobile ordering flow.

Modifier IDs are being sent in our webhook order payload, making it easier for POS systems to correctly map to the corresponding modifier at the POS.

Merchants can now implement curbside pickup without having to offer takeout as a delivery option. Some brands had requested this as a way of discouraging guests from picking up in store. To enable this feature, check “Hide Takeout Order Type” under the “Curbside” settings.
Hide Takeout Order Type



An improvement facilitates processing analysis reports for eligible guests targeted by a campaign.

We fixed a defect that prevented Toast menus from syncing when a required group field has no options enabled.

Our Aloha integration now pulls through nested modifiers in the menu.

Advanced ordering can now be turned off using backend settings.