Release Date: January 2022

Release Notes: January 9

Release highlights in this article

New Features

Operators have the option to pass marked-up prices to the point of sale through HandoffSM. A brand may want to assign different prices to menu items for third-party aggregators, and these price markups can now be transmitted at your discretion (if supported by your POS).

Many third-party aggregators must now pay sales tax directly to the municipality where your store is located. If that tax is already being collected, Handoff lets you select $0 for sales tax at your point of sale and overwrite your existing sales tax.

Order & Delivery allows brands to set a modifier as a default and choose additional modifier levels. Options like “extra,” “double,” and “on the side” can now be default modifiers for an item.



Order & Delivery for MICROS Simphony enables a smoother process for closing checks. Users can now set Order & Delivery to hold orders and delay output to the kitchen display system until a time that aligns with when an order is due. This helps alleviate the issue of orders getting sent to the kitchen too early.

Within Handoff for MICROS Simphony, it’s now possible to specify a different order type and/or tender type for each third-party aggregator.

Order & Delivery asks CBS Order Entry to check the availability of an item at the point that it’s added to the cart and returns real-time information. Users can now be spared the frustration of finding out about an out-of-stock item only after an order has been placed



A recent update made it impossible to manually set store hours in Order & Delivery without first updating them in Toast. A new setting gives you the option to not sync with Toast.