Release Date: March 2024

Release Notes: March 15

Release highlights in this article

New Features

Online Ordering

  • A field for a store-name prefix has been added to accommodate clients wanting to display their location name differently in Order with Google.
  • DoorDash Drive has been migrated to the new v2 APIs.
  • Marketplace Management enables more than 100 locations to be connected to DoorDash.
  • Marketplace Management features enhanced support for option quantities.
  • Improved maps appear courtesy of a new provider.
  • Enhanced status tracking of third-party orders captures more details for the system.
  • Order Experience Builder allows color themes to be adjusted in each menu template.
  • AI is now leveraged to detect certain food and beverage types.

Updates & Fixes


  • An issue preventing merchants from running the Bulk Sales Order report has been resolved.

Online Ordering

  • The Uber Direct integration generates an error message to convey that “The price quote specified has expired.”
  • The Uber Eats integration correctly handles split-tax remittance.
  • The Revel integration provides enhanced support when clients change store hours.
  • Menu-item restrictions for Order with Google are handled properly.
  • The PDI integration better supports quantity discounts.