Release Date: May 2022

Release Notes: May 27

Release highlights in this article

New Features

The Order & Delivery integrations configuration has been updated to allow submitted orders to flow to two external systems. Orders can be submitted to both a point of sale and a separate back-of-house accounting system or in-store application. 

The Order Experience Builder on Order & Delivery has been made self-service, enabling any client to stage and switch to the new platform. 



The Subscription Sales Detail Report was updated to include additional transactional information about subscription signups, which facilitates reconciliation and investigation.

Subscription members who enroll in a trial, cancel their subscription, and then reenroll in the trial now receive an email notification confirming their status.

The publishing step that activates Order Experience Builder and sets a subdomain has been made self-service, enabling clients to go fully live without any engineering assistance.

The Order & Delivery integration to Toast has been updated to check for changes to lead times every five minutes rather than once an hour, as was done previously.

The Revel point-of-sale integration has been updated to allow sending delivery fees as a surcharge that’s separate from other fees.

Improvements to Handoff for Order & Delivery better tie order logging and monitoring for improved troubleshooting of issues.

Clients using the Handoff product and Revel point of sale can now optionally send marked-up prices to the POS as an open item, surcharge, or price override. This update also allows for a tax-exempt order when the third-party marketplace has already remitted sales tax on it.

The Handoff setup page better explains the reasons for unpublished menu items, indicating whether they were intentionally excluded, could not be published due to a given marketplace’s lack of corresponding functionality, or were the result of a more critical error that may need to be escalated.

Clients using the Handoff product and Micros 3700 can now specify a unique tender and dining type on orders for each marketplace.

The Order & Delivery tablet application now displays text when identification is required for an order containing alcohol or tobacco to remind the cashier to check the guest’s ID.

The Order & Delivery FEEDback tool has gotten a big boost from AI. Responses to guest feedback can now be generated automatically, saving time and shortening the customer feedback loop. Additional instructions will help ensure that the generated responses more closely align with the preferred brand language.



An outstanding defect involving the “Accounts Without a Score” condition in the scoring filter has been resolved. 

Since Order & Delivery coupons were incorrectly being applied on DoorDash orders, which resulted in the amounts sent to the point of sale not matching those paid online, automatic coupons no longer apply to Handoff orders.  

Handoff will now unpublish an item to third-party marketplaces when an issue would prevent it from being passed to the point of sale.  

New menu items added to the NCR Radiant point-of-sale integration are now properly pulled into Oder & Delivery menus.  

The Handoff product now rounds the prices of item modifiers to two decimal places before sending to the POS when they’re being marked up in a third-party marketplace.