Release Date: April 2023

Release Notes: April 14

Release highlights in this article

New Features

  • Email Builder now offers Mobile Design Mode, which allows toggling between desktop and mobile views of an email without changing to Preview Mode. You can access this feature using the “Desktop and Mobile” toggle in the upper left-hand corner.
  • Email Builder has introduced a new list component, making list creation easier and more customizable.
  • The connection between the Android order-receiving application and a Bluetooth printer can now be established by printing and scanning a QR code. This method serves as an alternative to Bluetooth scanning, which isn’t always reliable.
  • A new color generator in Order Experience Builder lets clients pick a couple of primary colors, and then the software uses color match to automatically generate complementary ones that can be used when secondary colors are needed for a design.

Updates & Fixes

  • The Enterprise Settings Management tool in Online Ordering now includes settings for guest surveys (formerly called FEEDback).
  • The PDI Enterprise Pricebook integration now receives notification of refunded orders.
  • The functionality for disabling items by menu tag in Online Ordering has been extended to the submenu editor for enterprise menu management.
  • Merchant-level menu tags in Online Ordering can now be deleted.
  • The “Copy Menu Sync” function in Online Ordering no longer removes half toppings for pizzas.
  • Order Experience Builder now limits the number of search results to deliver a more filtered view of them.
  • Prebuilt experience #5 in Order Experience Builder features a more modern look, and the top navigation bar and side module help guests explore the menu and complete orders with ease.
  • The menu treatment for Order Experience Builder now makes it clearer that an option group has a required selection once the parent item has been added to the cart.
  • The locations page of design #3 in Order Experience Builder now includes text that indicates a full address is required to search.
  • Images published to DoorDash have an updated format that expedites their manual review on the DoorDash side.
  • The Revel point-of-sale integration for Online Ordering now gives clients the option of distributing the cost of synced combos to the individual items or including it in the price of the main item.
  • The Revel point-of-sale integration for Online Ordering can now be configured to treat delivery and takeout lead times separately rather than combining the two on delivery orders.
  • The response page for guest surveys (formerly called FEEDback) now loads the top navigation bar.
  • Clients using enterprise settings management for Online Ordering now see a setting to enable or disable future orders.