Release Date: June 2022

Release Notes: June 12

Release highlights in this article

New Features

  • Single sign-on (SSO) is now available on the guest website, enabling users of your custom website to be seamlessly transferred without having to log in a second time.
  • Order Experience Builder provides support for Google pixel tracking to accommodate clients who wish to add this feature.


  • The “Purchased Item” and “Purchased Category” Account Filters have more categories and items included. Categories and items with ID numbers are now included in the filter.
  • The click-to-load REST endpoints now return the image code associated with the wallet, letting you display images in your mobile apps and websites.
  • Several updates have been made to the base templates to improve the guest experience:
    • Images for options are displayed with proper quality.
    • Labels are attached to the reward wallet.
    • Items with date/time restrictions are handled properly.
    • A line has been added for split delivery fees.
    • ZIP code search has been improved.
    • The number keypad is the default means for entering a ZIP code.
    • The location-finder map has an improved display.
  • All orders from a third party are submitted with the same phone number. It’s no longer possible to ban any of the associated numbers, as this would cause the Handoff traffic to fail.
  • Menus can now get pulled into DoorDash before that service is activated. Stores still need to be enabled in order to go live, but this will prevent unnecessary back-and-forth if the proper steps aren’t taken prior to reaching out to DoorDash.
  • Store IDs are now removed when an existing location is copied to create a new store. This avoids having two locations competing with each other to interact with the same third-party provider.
  • Increased fraud protection has been enabled by default for all new Paytronix Payments customers.
  • The Revel integration accommodates a set dollar amount for free options when substituting for default free modifiers.
  • For items added to the cart in Order & Delivery, the validation check against the Revel point of sale has been made an asynchronous task for a faster guest experience. Any errors or changes will be displayed later in the process, but the guest won’t be prevented from navigating the menu and adding other items.
  • The “Sales Tax Off by Default” setting is no longer synced with Toast, as this field isn’t always used and sales tax wasn’t being properly applied.
  • An update to the UI ensures that the taxes for orders placed through Xenial are pulled from that service, with anything configured in Paytronix being overridden.
  • An option to “Clear All Selections” has been added when copying menu-sync changes to other locations.
  • API integrators pulling in menus now see the “Is Catering” flag for item categories.


  • An issue with the Campaign Center’s calculation of average emails per subscriber has been resolved.
  • An item marked as “Out of Stock” on the Order & Delivery menu editor keeps that designation when Revel has been synced.
  • If an order time is manually adjusted through the admin portal, totals and prices are no longer checked against the point of sale. Since the guest has already been charged at that point, doing so would just result in potential disparities and other issues.
  • Images of options are now being properly pushed to other locations when “Copy Menu Sync” is used.