Release Date: October 2023

Release Notes: October 13

Release highlights in this article

New Features

  • Since managing store hours in multiple places can be a nuisance, the mobile app now pulls them in from either Olo or Paytronix, depending on your ordering integration.
  • SMS opt-in is now supported on the registration pages of the branded app. Guests can opt into text messages while registering or opt out via the My Account page.
  • A new “Top Guests by Spend” dashboard in the loyalty section of the analytics tool lets you filter top guests by date range or spending over time.

Updates & Fixes

  • Olo now makes reordering favorites from the app more intuitive. When favorite items or modifiers are out of stock, guests will be alerted and presented with options to continue.
  • Canceling orders in the branded app has been improved to respect the editable setting and order status in Olo. If the cancel function has been disabled or an order is in progress, canceling isn’t an option.
  • The SMS footer configuration is now optional instead of required, providing greater flexibility for users and streamlining the setup process. This change aligns with industry standards and carrier compliance requirements.
  • Any perks that are part of a published campaign now appear on the details page.
  • A configuration option now enables real-time email delivery for guests who have enrolled via text with auto-register, ensuring a better onboarding experience.