Release Date: March 2021

Release Notes: February 7 – March 6, 2021

Release highlights in this article

New Features

New for Order & Delivery:

  • A new POS integration makes Order & Delivery available for merchants using CBS NorthStar.
  • The following enhancements pertain to contactless dining:
    • Custom texts can be sent when guests arrive to direct them to the appropriate pickup area.
    • The modal text that’s received after an initial order has been placed can be customized. For example, it might read: “Thanks for sending your first round! We are preparing your meal now. You can order another round at any time.”
    • Servers are able to remove an item or add a credit to the check.
  • A new feature allows you to set a recurring schedule for Order & Delivery coupons. For instance, the coupon code “PIZZAFOR5” could be automatically activated every Tuesday, enabling users to purchase a pizza for $5.
  • Curbside orders can now be specified in the headline of tablet receipts.


Updates to the branded mobile app:

  • The app now has a screen that gives guests details regarding collecting location information.
  • In the native Order & Delivery flow of the branded mobile app, the alert that displays when a user’s pickup time is invalid has been updated.
  • Category images configured in the Order & Delivery merchant portal now get pulled into the mobile app.

Updates to Order & Delivery:

  • Order notifications, such as “Order placed” and “Received for fulfilment,” now display at the POS for the Aloha and Radiant systems.
  • Guests only see automatic coupons that are applicable to their check.
  • An update ensures order accuracy for “double toppings” in Aloha.
  • An enhancement to the Radiant POS removes tax from online orders that are picked up and paid for in store.
  • The lead time for ASAP orders now prints on Toast POS receipts and at the kitchen printer.


Menu syncing ensures that combo items map properly for Order & Delivery.

With Order & Delivery for Toast, the restaurant’s due time will now print at the kitchen printer.