Release Date: September 2020

Release Notes: September 13, 2020 – September 26, 2020

Release highlights in this article

New Features

Our c-store integrations have been expanded to enable guests to redeem points directly at the point of sale for either fuel rewards or dollars off merchandise. Contact your TC about using this new feature to provide your guests with more options for interacting with your program.

The API documentation has been updated to include our new check-in feature. Once guests have arrived, they are able to send a notification to let the store know, which is particularly helpful for curbside pickup. Our documentation can be found at

A log viewer is now available to help integrators verify and troubleshoot test transactions.

We have introduced category groups, presenting a new hierarchy that can be added to your menu to make it easier to navigate and organize. This feature is especially valuable for merchants with large menus, such as c-store brands. For example, under the category group “Beverages,” there might be options that include “Sodas,” “Energy Drinks,” and “Tea,” with each having its own set of menu items.

We have implemented support for breakpoint taxes to assist those operating under that tax structure.



Segmenting your guests just got easier. The account filter for “Cumulative Wallet Activity” has been updated to run even faster.

The Xenial integration now shows modifier prices on the web checkout page. Guests are able to see how the subtotal is calculated based on the contents of the basket.

There have been several updates to the Brink POS integration:

  • Pizza toppings can be displayed in halves on the check to help your kitchen staff prepare orders with greater accuracy.
  • Default options have been preselected for online menus.
  • Delivery receipts now include the customer’s name, which the driver can use to provide a more accurate delivery experience. For example, if a guest orders from a dorm or a hotel and the delivery person can tell the front desk who the order belongs to.