Release Date: February 2021

Release Notes: January 24 – February 6, 2021

Release highlights in this article

New Features

A new account filter allows you to segment guests based on their previous email engagement. It can be used to target guests who actively engage with emails or as part of a campaign to stop sending to guests who haven’t engaged with emails in the past 12 months.              

The Analytics tool offers new ways to monitor your program, including alerts functionality that lets you receive an email notification if a data point you’re interested in changes.

With Coupon Manager, users can create coupons and generate barcodes to be used in print material. Search and filtering features have also been added to make the process of managing coupons highly efficient.

Users creating recurring campaigns in Campaign Builder can now set offers to expire on any given day, including a day in relation to the campaign occurrence.

Since no one likes an app full of pull notifications that can’t be cleared, Campaign Builder now requires that an expiration date be set.

Measures have been added to ensure that click-to-load messages are always sent with an offer, which leads to happy guests.

Campaign Builder drafts can now be deleted. Functionality has been added to remove campaigns that you decided not to send, letting you keep the Drafts tab tidy so what’s needed can be easily found.



Sending DSP tips as a separate service fee ensures that tips are accounted for correctly in Aloha, Radiant, and Toast.

The OAuth refresh token process has been enhanced to improve app security.

Analyzers have been updated with organized dimensions and measures.  



An issue involving Google Analytics tracking on the guest website has been resolved.

A defect that removed POS ID mappings for item modifiers whenever category-wide modifiers were changed has been fixed in the menu editor.

For delivery orders, the receipt now displays the due time of the courier rather than that of the guest.

Fixes for the mobile apps addressed:

  • A defect that displayed instructions for curbside pickup on the Order Details screen for pickup and delivery orders in the native Olo flow
  • An issue that removed users’ preselected modifiers when they attempt to edit a menu item on the Basket screen in the Order & Delivery flow
  • An issue that prevented users from customizing the left or right side of a pizza in the Order & Delivery ordering flow
  • A defect that prevented users from being able to edit an item on the Basket screen without updating their cart’s other items in the Order & Delivery flow
  • A UI defect that caused the menu category image to overlap the menu category name on the Category screen in the Order & Delivery flow
  • An issue involving the display of prices for toppings on the Basket screen