Release Date: September 2023

Release Notes: September 8

Release highlights in this article

New Features

  • A pilot feature in Online Ordering generates loyalty-registration QR codes for marketplace orders and sends them to be printed in store. It offers the ability to incentivize the registration event and target guests in future promotions.
  • Online Ordering now highlights applicable coupons and loyalty rewards specific to particular guests to encourage them to add items to their cart.
  • The Analytics tool for one-to-one nurturing campaigns has a new dashboard that includes information on how many guests are in the nurturing flow and aggregate stats regarding how each touchpoint is performing.
  • In response to a client request, the list of status updates for campaigns and reports has been moved from the PXS page to a notification tab on the top navigation bar. The “Start” and “Finish” of campaigns will be displayed, as well as “Finished” and “Failed” reports.
  • The branded app now enables menus set up in Online Ordering to have a secret portion that’s only seen by loyalty guests or a specific segment of them.

Updates & Fixes

  • All clients have been migrated to the new third-party delivery platform, which now allows for self-service onboarding of Uber Direct.
  • Third-party delivery settings for Online Ordering are now available in the Enterprise Settings Manager.
  • Support for secret menus in Online Ordering now allows for a single loyalty perk to be assigned to multiple items through the use of menu tags.
  • Order Experience Builder provides support for contactless-dining menus.
  • The Online Ordering API for establishing ordering times now takes into account applicable capacity-management timing prior to starting an order.
  • The “Order Details” page in Online Ordering indicates when an order submission has been adjusted due to a third-party delivery partner’s estimated timing for pickup.
  • When more than one tablet is being used at a given location, the “Order Details” page in Online Ordering shows the received time for an order as that of the first in-store tablet involved.
  • The Square integration for Online Ordering enables more detailed reporting on taxes and sources for marketplace orders.
  • The report on delivery charges in Online Ordering now links to the specific order rather than the settings page for third-party delivery.
  • Marketplace management in Online Ordering pushes menu items with proper respect to those marked as “Out of Stock” through PDI and the category order defined in the menu.
  • The NCR BSL point-of-sale integration for Online Ordering no longer checks for updates once a store has been disabled.