Release Date: December 2021

Release Notes: November 2 - December 9, 2021

Release highlights in this article

New Features

Location permissions are handled differently on Android 12, as users can choose to enable either their precise or approximate location. The branded mobile app has been updated to accommodate this change.

Paytronix Payments now features a note and a wizard to help guide you through the process of providing additional information to satisfy new requirements.

The ability to select a default tip amount for contactless orders has been added to Order & Delivery to encourage better gratuities from guests.\

High-volume days can see several orders (or a particularly large one) arrive right before closing time. Taking order throttling into consideration, you can now configure the maximum due time relative to closing for all ASAP orders placed.



To help with menu management, Order & Delivery automatically replaces common abbreviations with complete words at the point of sale. A list of typical abbreviations and their correlating words can be found in the system, and a configuration lets you customize the setting in the event that an abbreviation is being used differently in your environment.

Order & Delivery allows for a “no tip” option when using DoorDash for delivery. The default gratuity can also be set at a different percentage for takeout versus delivery.

Payouts through Paytronix Payments automatically happen at the end of the day Pacific Time and hit your bank account on the second business day after a transaction. The reporting has been updated to reflect this change, with the logic that added edge cases have been removed.

Custom Order & Delivery FEEDbackSM questions are now returned in the Paytronix API for consumption in the Paytronix mobile app, on Order Experience BuilderSM, and by any third-party integrators.

An update in HandoffSM enables users of Revel to separate payments by each third-party marketplace provider.



The CBS Order Entry POS integration for Order & Delivery now has correct timing for ASAP orders and properly processes tips.

Order & Delivery enables closing times to be overridden by holiday hours.

A change to the data type in the Order & Delivery API allows for appropriate handling of an API call from the mobile app.

Order & Delivery now properly throttles orders in Aloha, printing them in the kitchen at prep time.