Release Date: June 2022

Release Notes: June 26

Release highlights in this article

New Features

  • The branded mobile app now supports payment processing of reloading and auto-reloading stored value through Spreedly, which uses a tokenization method for card data to reduce PCI risk.


  • The “Turn Off Online Ordering” toggle allows for shorter pauses, with 30 minutes now being the shortest quick-select option. Custom timeframes are also a possibility.
  • The section that scores fraud for online orders now provides additional info on how the fraud scoring works. Automatic fraud triggers that are found to be too aggressive can be adjusted.
  • Custom taxes can now be excluded from specific items to allow setup of things that only apply to a subset of the menu, such as bottle deposits.
  • The Revel point-of-sale integration now supports redemption of comp cards on online orders.
  • The DoorDash Drive logo has been shrunken to a more reasonable size on customer receipt emails.
  • The Grubhub Marketplace integration for order receiving and menu updating now uses an advanced set of onboarding APIs to incorporate new locations more efficiently.
  • Filtering based on Handoff orders has been extended to the Order & Delivery sales dashboard to allow a single filter to be applied to all third-party orders from a provider.
  • The message displayed when a Handoff order doesn’t meet a store’s minimum requirement now provides a better explanation of why the order was rejected.
  • A new setting for the location finder allows changing the marker size for Google maps.


  • On contactless orders, default tips are included only after a submission has taken place, rather than before the guest has reviewed the order.
  • Users placing orders via the tablet/order-receiving application were being sent to the guest-facing Order Experience Builder UI, but a correction has been made that properly puts them in the admin ordering flow.
  • Order Experience 3 has been updated to resolve display issues when submitting feedback and adding items to the cart.
  • Items that are exclusively offered as combos have been designated as such and no longer appear individually on guest-facing menus.