Release Date: November 2020

Release Notes: November 8 - November 21, 2020

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New Features

A new way to configure automatic discounts in Order & Delivery has been introduced. These discounts are different from loyalty discounts because they are redeemable by all guests – both loyalty and non-loyalty. Automatic discounts are applied to a check whenever certain conditions are met. Some prominent examples include manufacturer discounts and BOGO offers.

Automatic discounts can be set up within the Coupons settings by enabling the “Auto Apply.” These discounts will automatically be processed on the checks of guests who fulfill eligibility requirements, and no coupon codes are needed.

Subscriptions are now available. This add-on feature for your loyalty program makes it possible to launch and manage a subscription-style program in the Paytronix portal. Guests sign up for a monthly subscription program via the designated guest website and redeem their subscription benefits in all the same places they currently redeem loyalty rewards. With automatic recharges, triggered emails, and reporting to guide post-launch management, you have everything you need to run a successful subscriptions program.
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Subscription Account Filters



Each item’s POS ID is now part of the Orders webhook to make it easier for integrators to build the check at the POS.

The Orders webhook has been updated to include item-level tax information, enabling integrators to associate the correct tax amounts by item.

The Orders webhook now tries sending the order payload up to five times before initiating a failed-order notification.

The Brink integration has been enhanced to optionally hold future orders until the prep time instead of sending them immediately. This helps Brink customers whose systems do not have the ability to hold future orders before firing to the KDS.

The branded iOS app now supports iOS 14.

An enhancement to the details section of the Location screen in the branded mobile app rounds distances to the nearest tenth of a mile.
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When a check has a split payment, such as between a gift card and a credit card, the gratuity is now properly sent through to Toast.

A defect that prevented category groups from being carried over to copied stores has been fixed.