Release Date: March 2021

Release Notes: March 7 – 20, 2021

Release highlights in this article

New Features

With the addition of a ”Pause” button, users now have more control over campaign execution. When a last-minute change is needed or a recurring campaign has an occurrence that should be skipped, pressing “Pause” allows users to temporarily stop their campaign from executing. It can then be resumed by simply hitting “Publish” again.

Pause Button On Campaigns

The Review tab of Campaign Builder now includes selections for email and mobile messaging. The names of email and mobile messages appear under Message Delivery and will remind users what messages have been selected for this campaign.

Review Tab -- Mobile And Email Messages

New for Order & Delivery:

Merchants now have the ability to use the Facebook pixel for tracking and remarketing on Order & Delivery pages. Base pixels for menu, checkout, and order confirmation pages are available.

A new feature enables guests to include a name for each menu item added to their cart, so you can identify who each item is for. 



Having the newest version of the Toast loyalty integration enables your brand to get the most current features and development from both Toast and Paytronix. Reach out to your Solutions Consultant to switch your integration to this advanced flow today.

The “Reward Yourself” feature in the branded mobile app has been updated to display the reward image in higher resolution.

The native Olo curbside ordering flow of the mobile app now presents a gray border around the white vehicle color type, making it easier for guests to identify when this color has been selected.

The Subscriber Dashboard has new visualizations and now includes data about the likelihood of guests opening email and the sending volume of email campaigns.

Updates for Order & Delivery:

Merchants that request not to receive feedback emails can now disable receiving feedback emails across all stores.

An update to Enterprise Menu Management enables merchants to customize item options, so that individual options at the submenu level can be disabled and hidden from the menu.

Another update to Enterprise Menu Management lets merchants propagate category groups from the base menu.

Additional merchant users can now be added to all stores in one click.

An update allows merchants to save menu items as “Contactless Only” or “Takeout Only.”



A defect that removed the order pickup time when iPhone users attempted to add or update a menu item from the Basket screen has been fixed in the native Order & Delivery flow.

An issue that prevented guests from deselecting default modifiers for a menu item has been rectified in the native Olo ordering flow.

The password hint text now displays with a proper color in the branded mobile app.

A defect that prevented guests from seeing all modifiers on the Item Customization screen has been fixed in the native Order & Delivery flow.

An issue that required iPhone users to scroll in order to select the Recipient button when using the Refer-a-Friend feature has been resolved in the branded mobile app.